Transition Phase 1

Because training is ending, and we're being handed off to our respective Team Leaders, I'd like to take this opportunity to remember the training period.

Transition Phase 1

This was the first time we were to take calls. Would you believe, I did not even have a single mock call before this was to take place.

For the first day, we were buddied up so that we could help each other ease into the phone-taking experience, and who would my buddy be but JM. This was obligatory. I had no choice and no say in the matter. Hehe. Chos!

First Day of Transition Phase 1

I was, strictly speaking, not late for the shift that day though I was for the pre-briefing that happens before the shift. This being the first day and our first time to take calls, the experience was very harrowing and loaded with nerves. At the proper time, I was at JM's station and call-taking was to begin in a few minutes when I felt my infamous need to go out of the training area and off to the restroom, the butt of jokes between me and JM. I began to stealthily move towards the door when JM called out, "Cory, where are you going?!" I spun around guiltily and with a bit of an apology, I said, "I swear I'll be back in just a minute." I hurried off and told myself to be fast or else JM will kill me for not being at his back while he's taking calls for the first time.

The calls came one after another until it was break time and it was JM's opportunity to gasp for air, though what he said was more like, "I need a smoke!" Hehehe.

My turn came after lunchtime and as I was hurrying out of the pantry and into the call-taking floor, JM called out, "Don't worry, Cory, I'll help you!" Bait ng transition buddy ko eh. Hehehe. (rolling eyes). Ay, joke lang, JM. Salamat sa lahat.

When I got to the work station, I encountered my first dilemma. I was drawing a blank. What was I supposed to do again?? Systems, right? Well, I thought blankly, where in the hell or how in the hell do I pull up those live systems again??? Hahahahaha. That was what I deserved for having been late, I knew. Hehe. :p

But back to my little story. So there I was and it was my turn to think, "JM! Where ARE you???!!! I don't know where to pull up the systems!!!" Hehe. JM was at the pantry, of course, taking his lunch, his much-deserved break following his first foray into the call-taking experience. I began taking calls without the rest of my much-needed systems with the result that when JM finally arrived to help me out, he exclaimed in surprise, "Cory, where are your systems??!!" Hahahahahaha. :p

Transition buddy, thanks for being there, and for being the first to take his turn with call-taking. You're cooler on the job while I'm all high-strung eh. And by the way, I made myself not go out of the production floor (where we take calls) ha while you were taking calls. For grudging support. Ahahahaha. Joke lang. God bless sa future team mo, JM! Ingat! :)


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