the voice that launched a thousand ships

Better title: The Voice That Launched Me To Outer Space

We were on the production floor for Transition Phase 2 and our transition coach was discussing a customer issue point by point.

At this time, I had judged that I was already out of my fleeting crush on TL.

We might have been seated near his station at this time. A transition coach by the name of Tong was standing behind my swivel chair while I sat on it, diligently jotting down notes on the topic.

And like a rainbow-colored hot air balloon on a day you weren't expecting to see one, I heard his voice float to my ears unexpectedly much like smoke unfurling its tentacles to reach you.

He was calling to the transition coach behind me. He said, "Tong, since you're just standing there..."

I got lost at the sound of his voice. Smooth and intelligent and something else. My brain malfunctioned. I forgot to think. I was hurtled to outer space in a heartbeat. When I crashed back to earth, I became aware that it was another time and space. The class had moved on. We were on another part of the topic already.

"What was it that he said?" I asked myself as I tried to concentrate on what the transition coach was saying. TL is so irritating. He's hazardous to my job. I knew that if I failed Transition Phase 2, it would be because of him. He's making it difficult for me to keep my mind on work. He ought to be punished.

But, ladies and gentlemen, that was all. That was all that there was to the story of the voice that launched a thousand (space)ships. I just wanted to share. Hehe. $^_^$ Chos!


  1. Best sentence:

    "He ought to be punished."


    Grabe Cor. I love it! Sobrang crush mo talaga si TL. Ang cute mo! Hihihi!


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