the perpendicular incident

Because I have a crush, I'm going to be pretty much wrapped up in him for a while and since this is my blog, I'm gonna fill it with talk about him for as long as I'm infatuated.

Wow. TL Jorge was very gwapo today. It's true.

I mentioned this crush to Abbey one afternoon and she asked me, "Is he cute?" "Well, to me, he is," I answered uncertainly. But now, if someone were to ask me, "Is he cute?" I would answer, "My God, he's gwapo!!!" Hehehe.

It's just that I have usually crushed on guys whose attractiveness are less readily evident so I wasn't sure if others would also see what I see. But then I found out that a lot of girls really find TL Jorge handsome; that a lot of girls also crush on him. That's when I realized, "Whew. What a relief. My taste really isn't all that bad after all. He IS attractive." Hooray for that revelation!!! Hehe! :D

He was wearing a blue-gray T-shirt today and a black, tuxedo-like jacket. I nearly died.

Whenever I'm at work, I like to elevate my swivel chair because it makes me more comfortable at my station that way, and though it wasn't my intention, it has the benefit of letting me have a more advantageous view of everyone else on the floor, including TL evidently. (Insert giggling here). So at one point during the shift, TL Jorge slid into my line of vision and afforded me a clear, unobstructed view of himself. He was practically directly perpendicular to my point of location on the floor.

To illustrate, we have the following image:


Just replace A with TL Jorge and B with me. Hehehe. ^_^

JM was observing the whole time and he watched as I looked up to look at TL and smiled. He burst out laughing at the silent incident.



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