kulang lang ng iterax

Because I spoke of TL Rome, I'm going to expend several words and letters to swoon over TL Jorge. (cue ear-piercing scream here because his name was mentioned).

Everytime we mention his name, it HAS to be followed by an ear-splitting scream. The kind that could break glasses, including the kind we put over our eyes. (Hysterically kilig laughter insert here).

I saw him today. Homaygad, I saw him today. For lack of anything more interesting or eventful to say, let me just fill in the spaces by telling you what he wore. Blue shirt. Short-sleeved. Black slacks. Closed shoes. Glasses. Himself. He wore himself. He stood a few feet away. He spoke with his incredible voice that makes me feel like there's something good passing in sound waves between my ears.

I looked. I stared. I sat higher in my chair. Literally. 'Cause I made the swivel chair rise higher. (But not actually to get a better view of him, sorry. Hehe. Wouldn't want to mislead.)

I don't actually have anything to say. I got nothing to say. Just that there was TL Jorge today. There was TL Jorge. There was TL Jorge. There was TL Jorge. (How many screams was that?? Hehe.)

"Ang kati nito," sabi ni JM. Hehehehe. Nangangati lang daw ako. Kulang lang daw ng iterax. Hehe. And for that, I have the title of this nonsense blogpost.


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