the last tallies

Mamimiss ko rin to.

We won't be having classroom training anymore.


Makulit si JM.

We would be in classroom and...

JM: Cory Bells! *whack! on the arm*

and then...

JM: Cory Bells! *whack! on the arm*


JM: (silencio...) *whack!*


JM: (silence...) *pinch on the arm*
Cory: Ow!


I think I'm closest to JM and Zeph actually. Mamimiss ko rin ang kakulitan sa classroom.


Maybe this is the last few tallies for going out of the classroom. ^_^


I arrived at work a few minutes earlier than usual. I headed directly to the training room and began logging into the pc. JM arrived and took his seat beside mine.

JM: (noticing I arrived earlier than him) I think this is the first time...

Cory: (moving away from the pc) Haha. (I whacked him on his back.)

JM: Are you going out again, Cory? (He was calling out as I began heading for the door. Salbahes to si JM...hehe.)

Cory: (responding) Heh!


In another time, I had just got back to the training room from going out. It had already been my nth time to go out of the training room that night.

JM: Saan ka galing?

Cory: Pantry. (I was speaking defensively.) I was taking vitamins!


Our trainer was wrapping up the classroom discussion. The moment she was done, I swiveled in my chair in a half-arc and in one, smooth motion, I was out of it and already at the door to go out of the training room.

As I was just about a step beyond the gaping door, JM noticed in time and hissed, "Psssst! Where are you going???" Tatawa-tawa pa.

I stood there uncertainly beyond the open door as I tried to think of a reason that was not overused. I could think of none. I made a face at JM and left. Hehe.



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