Transition Talk: the MDAS obstacle course

I don't know if I have told you but the transition phase of training is ending and we're being handed off to our respective TLs now. I already have on my schedule for tomorrow my very first team meeting. :)

But while I had been on the transition phase of training, my wave and I included, of course, had transition talks. They're being conducted by transition coaches and occasionally, by Transition TLs. (This is the part where you know you're being led to the moment of mention of TL Jorge. Hehe. And by the way, the transition coaches form a team under a Transition TL. Therefore, TL Jorge handles a team of transition coaches, not agents.)

Now the transition phase consists of 3 parts: Transition Phase 1, Transition Phase 2, and last, but not the least, Transition Phase 3.

And the page in the story that I am writing about now is Transition Phase 2. We had a transition talk during this phase. Guess who was the TL who handled it. Ta-dah! It was the TL I encountered during first phase transition. The TL whose name I hadn't known. The one who said, "Nosebleed." TL Jorge.

TL Jorge was presenting to us our scorecards from first phase transition and discussing it with the class. This was the first time I learned of his name. "Oh! It's the TL from first phase transition." Wow, I had thought. I needn't investigate about you? All information comes to me? Cool. $^_^$

He spoke to us about the components of our scorecards and we listened intently, and at one point, we needed to find the computation for something and there, we fumbled and faltered a little, until TL said, "Well, kaya nga tayo nasa call center industry so that we wouldn't have to concern ourselves with math."

Well...mark down, TL! How can you say that? (pouting) Sure, we're not going to be accountants or actuaries any time soon and especially in this industry but I protest! I am not good in math but I do not think that not being good at it makes it okay for us to just condemn ourselves to a life without it! I mean, MDAS is such an attractive acronym. I don't want a life without MDAS! MDAS is exciting...(hehehehehe)...

"Clyde," I announced when I had arrived home, "I am no longer in love with TL. I fell out of love with him."

"Why?" she asked.

"He didn't want to do MDAS!" (It's the most beautiful acronym in the whole world! Joke lang, hehehe.)

Joke lang, TL. I have no doubt as to the powers of your mind. I'm pretty sure that like everybody else who fall out of touch with mathematics, we get pretty rusty with the operations when it comes to it, but that had we been in practice, then we would have done the deed pretty well and fast. (wink) It's just that for some of us, it's a matter of practice and constant exposure. I'm sure this was the case that time.

But anyway, I eventually fell back into infatuation, I mean, in love with TL afterwards. It was again triggered by another event that I'm pretty sure I'll be telling you about another time. So for now, bye! ^_^


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