Abbey was interviewing bellecroft girls for her Psych 101 class. Her topic was, "what is the process of falling in love?" She interviewed Clyde.

Abbey: Would you like to sit down? Take a seat.

Clyde sits down.

Abbey: This is gonna be recorded for future references.

Clyde: Ok.

Abbey: How old are you?

Clyde: (violent reaction) Che!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(laughter from everyone in the room)

Abbey: Oh no, I'm so scared...It was just the first question...


Abbey: Describe the process of falling in love.

Clyde: First, there is physical attraction. (then says dreamily) And then you fall in love....


And I want to go to sleep now. I just wanted to record the "Che" part. Lol.


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