consists of small realities that make all the difference.


One day, inside the house...

Clyde: (making an observation to me) You're not talking about TL anymore.

Cory: (beginning to talk) Well...he passed by me today...

Clyde: (wryly) I'm sorry I asked.

Cory: (half-laughing) Well! I tried to spare you but you were asking for it! Anyway, so there was TL today, and he passed me by...(blah, blah, blah...)

And with that, Clyde had just automatically wasted a minute of her life listening to my nonsense. Hehe. So don't let me give you the same grief. I'll spare you the useless details.

To make sense of what I mentioned at the beginning of this blogpost, it's just that I had been having a bad week at work, and the simple friendly conversation restored my sense of balance and equanimity.

Talked with Lala also this week. Yay.

Sat around the house and kidded around with Abbey and Clyde et al... Yay.

Spoke with Kuya Nikki also after a long time. Yay.


And in a mere snap of the fingers, I'm back to normal and happy again. Yay.


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