kamiseta and skechers

My most urgent problem tonight is what to wear to work. It's a Tuesday and that means business casual but the thing is, I haven't done any of my laundry or had it done. I wondered what I had among my clothes that I could possibly wear tonight now that I'd run out of available clothing items.

All that was left were a few loose and ill-fitting blouses and slacks and oh yeah, there's always that pink strapless dress I got from kamiseta that I had fallen in love with when I had seen it for the first time. I remember that day, having been so happy when the saleslady folded the dress and put it in a paper bag and gave it to me. And I also remember having felt so morose and bashful when I promptly lost the paper bag and had to retrace my steps to Mercury Drug where I had accidentally left it.

Fine. I got nothing else to wear. I decided to retrieve and try the dress.

"Mukha kang maliligo," Anj said, when she saw me in it. "Mapagsasabihan ka ni Clyde jan."

"I was gonna put something over it," I said.

I went over my stuff again and tried one jacket after another but nothing worked. I thought it over. A bolero is what will work with the dress, I decided. I looked over my stuff again until I located a pale pink bolero made of soft delicate lace that I also got from kamiseta. I tried it over the dress. Congratulations. Three points.

I got the bag that I was going to use. It was my favorite. A pink leather liz claiborne bag. I shrugged it onto my shoulder. I smiled. Four points.

I realized further that I was going to be wearing my cute brown skechers sandals with girly straps for my footwear. It went with the dress. Five points.

There are no full-length mirrors in the house so I dragged a chair near a large mirror in the house and climbed on top of it. I swished my skirts a little. I was going to be kamiseta and skechers girl tonight. Smile.

I climbed back down. TL is going to be there tonight. I think.

Heh. As if naman titingin. But never mind. I'm going to be kamiseta and skechers girl tonight. :)


  1. this blog lightens up my day ^_^

  2. thank you kuya niks! <3 and i loved my outfit that time. wish i could play it again like a song, hihi.


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