nonsense today

TL. Tee-El. T-eL. Teh-Ehl. TL.

Will I be seeing you tonight, TL?

When I get there, I don't intend to be making goo-goo eyes at you tonight. Because I already feel ridiculous doing so and anyway, I think I'm already C. I. T. A. Hehe.

And nobody wants to hear about my sighs and ramblings with regard to Tee-El.

I'm gonna sleep already. TL. Tee-El. T-eL. Haay.


I hope I see you in my dreams tonight.



  1. (of love). Joke lang. hahahaha. caught in the act. ^_^

  2. hahaha! so did you see him in your dreams?

  3. Di eh. :( kulang pa ata. more, more...hehehe. makati ako. hehehehe. ^_^


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